We are different:


  1. Design ... Our designs are more accurate, better fitting and provide great results. The software we use for design, allows us the flexibility of design the same as sculpting plaster. Our software is not an orthotic specific 'normalizing' software, it is used in many industries to make many different shapes ... we can shape and mould the orthotics exactly as the foot and your prescription dictate. Without great technicians to run the software, it would be useless .. our technicians are well trained, experienced and caring.

  2. FiO 3D Printing ... when orthotics are 3D printed they are printed exactly as they are designed. Currently with the multistep 'mold, vacuum form, grind' process there is possibility for error at each step, this is completely eliminated with 3D printing producing more accurate orthotics. 3D printing produces, thinner, lighter full contact orthotics in an environmentally friendly manner. 

  3. Easy Order ...  Our online order form will save you time, make your ordering easier, and more concise which means less errors.  Easy Order allows for you to set up your own standards for devices which then allows for one click ordering. This is so much faster than ordering on paper or other 'online' order forms ... you will be amazed.

  4. Become an Ares Partner Clinician ... not only will we manufacture great orthotics for you, our Patient Referral and Patient Communication Program will help to grow your practice.

Design Software

The design software is one of the most important tools for designing functional, comfortable, custom orthotics. If it limits you in any way, well, it limits you. 

We design completely uninhibited, full contact orthotics that offer control and comfort to give you the outcomes you desire.

Designing Videos

Design Video - Match Foot Snippet

Easy Order

The biggest news in this update is the improved efficiency in ordering. You create your lab standards once. That device is then available for you to order faster than you will believe!

  • Clinician created lab standards.
  • Order tracking.
  • Patient orthotic history.
  • Scan upload.

This is simply the best ordering system.

             Easy Order Videos

Easy ... Fast ... Efficient

Ares Partner Clinician

It's easy to be an Ares Partner Clinician, here is how:

  1. Practice ethically and morally ... not everyone needs a custom orthotic.
  2. Do your best to ensure patients get great service.
  3. Explain the findings of your assessment and biomechanical findings to the patient.
  4. See patients in a reasonable amount of time.

How It Works.

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