Patient Referral

When a patient, in your area, calls us looking for orthotics, we will transfer the call directly to your office. By transfering the call, we help to ensure the patient is not lost or falls through the cracks. Rather than just give them your name, number and hope they call you we connect them right there and then.

Patient Communication Program

Communication is key, it helps to build a solid foundation. We will help you to easily and effortlessly keep in touch with your orthotic patients. With your direction and input we will create a series of automated emails, that contain your branding, contact, content and frequency.

Patient emails could be set up in a program like:

First email: Sent at time of shipping from lab, informing patient orthotics are complete and have been shipped to the clinic.

Second email: 6 weeks later for follow up.

Third email: 1 year later reminding to have orthotics checked, recovered / maintained and possibly another pair for other footwear.

These are just examples and can be anything you would like. Remember, it is your branding, your contact, your content and your frequency .. you are in complete control of this program.

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