Easy Order - Simple Overview

Simply the easiest, fastest, most concise orthotic ordering system.

  • Clinician created lab standards.
  • One click ordering.
  • Patient orthotic history.
  • Order tracking.
  • Upload scans direct to order.

See Easy Order In Action.

Easy Order - Enter Patient Information

Easily enter patient information - improve clinician efficiency and patient care by entering the patient info when the appointment is booked, before the patient arrives. 

It will be very easy for the clinician to then find the patient during the appointment and prescribe the orthotic.

Easy To Enter Patients

Easy Order - Make Your Orthotic Templates



Tired of checking the same boxes again and again? Create your own device standards. 

Your Own Device Standards

Easy Order - Ordering Orthotics


Once you have made your templates, it is so efficient to prescribe and order the orthotics.

Also, see how fast ordering refills can be.

Improve Ordering Efficiency

Easy Order - Scan Upload

You can scan the foot directly, scan the plaster or a foam impression. It's simple and easy to upload your scan to safely and efficiently get the 3D volumetric model to us.

Easy Order - Tracking Orders



So easy to see what orders you have in process and at what stage of manufacturing they are at.

Production Information

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